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Influencer marketing can sometimes feel like a gamble.

How safe do you feel sending thousands of dollars to a TikTok or Instagram influencer?

You’re not alone. We don’t feel safe either. 

We have found that the thing that stands in the way of reaching thousands is how unsafe it feels to send money to a stranger on the internet.

Influencer marketing should be simple and painless.

That’s why we’ve created a safe payment system for influencer marketing.

We make influencer marketing simple and painless

Promote your business

Promote your business with thousands of high-quality influencers with massive audiences.

Boost your revenue

Bring value to your audience, and boost your revenue through increased sales.

Target your exact audience

Create highly targeted marketing campaigns by finding the influencers that your target audience follow.

Make safe payments

Keep your money safe with secure payments to social media influencers.

Keep track of your ROI

Stay in control by tracking cost-per-click for your campaign, so you know how effective your campaign is.

Money-back guarantee

Don't waste your money again. Have peace of mind with a money-back guarantee.

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Real influencers

How does it work?

Step 1: Find an influencer

Connect with the perfect influencer in minutes by comparing thousands of high quality influencers.

Step 2: Co-ordinate with your chosen influencer

No one wants a failed marketing campaign. Work with your promoter to ensure that you get the perfect promoted post.

Step 3: Promote your product or service

Celebrate your brand to thousands of people online, and receive a boost in impressions and link clicks.

Promote on the biggest social media apps.

Why we exist.

At ShoutoutBird, we know you are the kind of person who wants to keep track of your marketing spend without having to put in hours of manual work. 

Part of this is tracking your influencer marketing costs.

In order to do that, you need a way to track your return on investment by measuring the cost-per-click on each influencer ad campaign.

The problem is that it’s very difficult to keep track of your influencer marketing spend. 

You need to manually co-ordinate several apps and services to do this.

After hours of manually setting up and testing all of these services, it can feel draining, which makes it harder for you to actually run your business. 

We believe that no business owner should waste hours a day (and thousands of dollars) on marketing that achieves no results. 

We understand how it feels to want to just focus on your business. 

That’s why we have partnered up with experts in the influencer marketing space to see how we can streamline online promotions.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Find the perfect influencers for your business in minutes instead of hours.
  2. Pay them to promote your product with a secure transaction. Say goodbye to making shady bank transfers to Instagram strangers.
  3. Enjoy massive, consistent sales.
  4. Track your sales so you know exactly how much money your ads made.

So start by finding the perfect influencer today, so you can stop guessing how effective your influencer marketing campaigns are and start focusing on creating massive growth for your business with high quality influencer marketing.

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